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A Fistful of Puppies.

I've had a busy couple of days.
On Wednesday I was walking around Manhattan and I saw a guy standing on a busy street corner with a cat sitting on his head. This is all I can remember of Wednesday.

Yesterday I went to Uptown to see all the bright lights and stuff. We walked past a small crowd of people who were having their picture taken with a guy. He was behind a rope but had no minders or people organising things for him. It took us ages to work out who it was, such was the lack of fanfare surrounding this man. As we were walking away Rhyannon's brain clicked and we realised we had witnessed the further decline of MC Hammer. Poor Hammer, please don't hurt him.

After lunch we schlepped up towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On the way we went into a PUPPY SHOP! I'm used to English pet shops only having boring hamsters and rabbits, not excitable puppies! They were so funny! The best one was the bulldog who looked like he didn't give a shit about anything.

Being a tourist is really tiring, so we headed towards a bakery where Rhyannon's friend Sarah works for a coffee and a rest. They had incredible looking cakes on display and we got to try some back at Sarah's house after she made us dinner.

Today I'm going to walk along the Brooklyn Bridge and later buy some jeans. Tonight No Fun Fest starts! I'm really excited!

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