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A Fistful of Beef.

"Hey buddy! Howya doin'?" This is New York speak for "Hello old chap, how have you been?", which is posh English for "Hi you fuck!".

Yesterday was pretty successful all told. Slept in until about 1pm because I'd been awake for about forty hours by Monday night. After that I made my way to Manhattan where I got lost for an hour.
Every time I see a sky scraper I point at it and shout "WOW THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!". I figure eventually I'll get it right, so I don't mind looking stupid fifty or sixty times prior to that.

My bank card works now, so I've been going nuts in record shops. I've managed to get some pretty cool stuff so far.

For dinner we went to a burger place called Silver Spurs. They didn't make a big deal about the fact that their burgers are ten ounces, so I was totally ill prepared for the gastronomical challenge that was set before me! The meat itself was about two inches thick and three across (insert cock joke of choice here). I had also ordered chips and a chocolate milkshake. I was pretty full.

Tomorrow I am going to see all the famous buildings and that stuff, then on Friday No Fun Fest starts!

OK see you.

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