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A Fistful of Maltesers.

I have been in New York for just over twenty four hours.
The flight here was OK. The guy next to me seemed to be a nervous flyer, so I kept getting into the emergency brace position and screaming whenever he started to relax. I also copied everything he did whenever the stewardess came round. It made the seven hours fly by for both of us.
The in flight entertainment was pretty good. The only film I watched all the way trough was Anvil!: The Story of Anvil. I liked it a lot.
Within five minutes of my first trip out of my friend's house in Brooklyn I saw:
- A real life New York road rage argument. They were shouting stuff like "YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" and "MUDDAFUCKER!".
- A guy getting put into a police car
- A crowd watching a fire engine put out a fire.
It was just like on TV.

Next, we went to a couple of really good record shops in Williamsburg. Williamsburg is hipster central, like the most hipster parts of London multiplied by a hundred. There's a cool looking shop or bar about every ten yards, and all kinds of art all over the place. Also EVERYONE looks like they're in band. I managed to find the number one noise record I was hoping to find on this trip, in the third shop we went in. Nice one hipsters!

One of the things I had been looking forward to the most was New York food. My first experience of this did not disappoint! We went to a place where you buy slow cooked pork and barbecued meat by the half pound! It was sooooooo delicious and even the baked beans had small chunks of meat in. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!

I'm just about to go out on my own for the afternoon. I'm going for a longer look around Williamsburg because my cash card should be working today (forgot to tell the bank I was going so they blocked it) and I can buy a ton of stuff. I will try and update this again in the next day or so. BYE!

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han said...

good one, i might pretend to go on holiday on my blog as well