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The In Sound From Way Out!

2009 was OK, but in terms of music it'll only be remembered as the year directly before 2010! These are the bands to watch over the next twelve months.

Jihad Afterparty: Electro-Spaz fuckholes from who knows where, making the best anal buff you've never heard. Only play in italics.

Quicken The Pace Soldier!: Absolutely THEE most post-rock thing ever. Seven bearded guys in plaid shirts, masturbating into a viola with increasing intensity until the whole thing erupts into a mournful, spunky crescendo. Orchestral Bukkake In The Dark, if you like.

Visceral Spasm: Hardcore, but without all the moping and not having sex. Still well fucking serious though. Best thing to come out of Kent since Dover.

Pi$$ Gibbon: Chlamydia-core. Expect to see them turn up on Eastenders E20 not giving a FUCK! Way too edgy for Skins, or even Hollyoaks Later.

Honeysuckle Cupcake: Twee-er than Stuart Murdoch and Calvin Johnson writing a fanzine about cardigans. But wait! There's a twist! They are MASSIVELY RACIST! Not even in a semi-funny ironic way either, just racist. Probably best to give this one a miss.


Anonymous said...

i read about this in the daily mail. open your eyes peopl!e enviromentalists are taxing us. three words: make sure everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sick. here come the pc brigade and the nanny state! the Loony Left is inviting in paedophiles and AIDs. Time to act: put them in solitary for the next 100 years. never did me any harm!??

Mr Axl said...

Who been leaving comments on your blog that are clearly taken from 'The Twat-O-Tron' on the 'spEak You're bRanes' website?